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Project Description
.NET Library providing infos about Characters, Guilds and Arena Teams loaded and parsed by Blizzard's World of Warcraft Armory.

How to use
  • Gathering character informations:
Dim character As Character = ArmoryParser.GetCharacter("YourRealm", "YourCharName", RegionEnum.Europe)
  • Gathering guild informations:
Dim guild As Guild = ArmoryParser.GetGuild("YourRealm", "YourGuildName", RegionEnum.Europe)
  • Gathering arena teams informations:
Dim team As ArenaTeam = ArmoryParser.GetArenaTeam("YourRealm", "TeamName", ArenaTeamSizeEnum.Team2v2, RegionEnum.Europe)

Now you have a strongly typed easy access to WoWArmory's infos ;)

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